Realize visions – achieve r€$ults

With DKC you invest in more than just man-days. We deliver results. Our clients can confirm this, as demonstrated by the selected examples below.

  • The consulting costs were amortized in 0.8 years
    → Business system deployment (SAP) using the CTD®-method in 12 months (rather than competitors estimated 24 months
  • Sales increased 11% and profits up 8% over the previous year
    → Restructuring with material flow and KPI optimization
  • Significant increase in supply reliability with simultaneous inventory reduction
    → Optimization of operations at a supplier to the commercial vehicles industry in 12 months
  • Increased development effort (15%), reduced change and non-conformance effort (40%), shortened time to market (28%)
    → Enhanced success rate of innovation projects by means of systematic procedures

Sample projects

  • Global Process Optimization Program: Program Management with up to 5 major parallel site-roll-out projects; roll-out to 25 sites in time, in (below) budget, no quality issues. Automotive OEM, global.
  • Implementation of IT-Systems (ERP, Internet tech­nologies, PLM / EDM / PDM). Automotive OEM, global.
  • Turn-around of a Truck & Trailer- and machine elements business. D, S, CH.
  • Backlog- and delay-reduction in the automotive industry; including SAP implementation. Automotive OEM, D, F, TR, US.
  • Project management processes for development projects. Energy distribution equipment. Global.
  • Project management processes for Engineer-to-order business. Automotive Production Equipment. D, global.
  • Turn-around of machine tool business. D, CH, A.
  • Development and implementation of IT-Engineering-Tools (Engineering Process Automation). Energy equipment. Global.
  • Implement Supply Chain processes with SAP implementation in 3 major production sites in India (total of 7000 employees). Automotive OEM. US, D, India.


DKC has successfully implemented numerous projects over its long history. Here is an overview of the industries in which we have demonstrated our expertise.


  • Mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • Automotive
  • Process industry (chemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals)
  • Aviation
  • Services

We would also like to share an excerpt from our client list.


  • Siemens AG
  • Thyssen Krupp AG
  • Spectris AG
  • Federal Mogul Inc.
  • Ringfeder VBG GmbH
  • BTG AB